What Unites Us

Our work is about connecting people.

Built on the idea of crafting brands that are clear, inclusive and approachable, In the Rye is a team of strategists, designers, wide-eyed jokers and wild-eyed optimists.

Our backgrounds are diverse; our design practice more singular. We came together with a deeply-held desire to build design systems that connect with people on a human level– no glitz, no glamour, just intent and empathy.

Okay, maybe a little glamour.

I'll be honest with you– I'm still learning.

No matter how big or small, far-flung or local, e-commerce or campaign– every project starts the same way: I sit down at a blank screen, change the font-size, then go get a hot-dog for lunch.

Having been around the block a couple times, however, I've learned that it's that unknown possibility, that uncharted imagination, that is the heart and soul of what we do. It's shocking, it's expansive, it's vulnerable, and it's why I'm still here.

Parker McLean
Creative Director