We’re in it with you

rye or otherwise

In the Rye’s sleeves are always rolled up– we look for opportunities to scatter ideas, take problems apart, talk about Sunday night’s television, tie knots, gather insight. Our dictionary is covered in fingerprints; our iPad is a little dusty. We’re interested in the places our work overlaps with yours– we’re looking for space to have that conversation where we all exhale together, having gotten somewhere unexpected and foundational. We’re also looking for lunch. Our playlists are tight, our collars are unbuttoned, our worldmap has pins in London, Vancouver, and Fresno (because raisins).


  • Competitive Analysis
  • Social-Media
  • Content Planning
  • Accessibility
  • Roll-Out Strategy


  • Brand & Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Print & Web
  • Branded Environments


  • Responsive Design
  • Inclusive UX
  • WordPress
  • Desktop & Mobile
  • E-Commerce

Connor Holloway

Managing Director

Connor brings a decade of experience in management, sales, network generation, marketing, and customer service to In the Rye. He has a keen eye for strategic opportunity, communications strategy, and new Nike drops.


Parker McLean

Creative Director

Parker would love to tell you he’s been around the block a couple times, but he’d blush too much if he did. With over 10 years of experience in digital design, development, production, and high-end service management, Parker brings a tight skill-set (and a deep knowledge of Joni Mitchell’s discography) to In the Rye.